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Jennifer Briggs

Jennifer BriggsFounder and Director

Jennifer Briggs, founder and director, is a recognized innovator in holistic learning practices for children and sustainable business practices in early childhood education.  Her background in natural science, math, early literacy, and business management is coupled with an enthusiastic approach to discovery and creativity.  Under her direction, A Place to Grow has grown into a progressive, community-focused center.  Her passion for sustainable living and reducing the carbon footprint is apparent in the addition of solar panels, air source heat pumps, and reusable hand towels.  She is committed to a healthy lifestyle and is an exemplary role model for the children.  She loves traveling, hiking, being on the water, fishing, and simply being outside whenever possible.  She has a fearless sense of adventure and never hesitates to try something new.

Jen will be available to help you with the entire enrollment process at A Place to Grow.  Don't hesitate to reach out any time to schedule a tour or have questions answered.

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